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I live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan & have a healthy love for coffee, kitsch, baking, fashion & street art.

I also own & maintain SaskatoonStreets.

I am on your side.

muscular-horse said: i never noticed all the street art in saskatoon, its kind of inspiring me to go around and look for some in my town

Please do! if you see something awesome around Saskatoon - please submit it or email it

8.27.2014 |

Happy 2013!


Saskatoon Streets has been around for over 2 years now & we’d like your feedback — is there anything you’d like to see on this blog? Should we dump or keep the feature posts? Is anyone out there using the interactive map? Do you like seeing art from other cities? 

And like always, if you see something awesome around Saskatoon, please submit it or email it to me.

1.2.2013 |

renovatedheart said: Are you the artist?? Or you only take the pics?

I am not a street artist, I just document it. ;) 

10.25.2012 |


I will be taking a hiatus from tumblr until October 3rd for my wedding & honeymoon! 

During this break, I will be unable to search Saskatoon for new street art, so I’m depending on all of my readers to help out! If you see something awesome, please submit it or email it to me. Street Art doesn’t last long in Saskatoon & I’d hate to miss anything amazing while I’m on vacation.  

Thanks everyone & happy hunting while I’m gone!


PS, Don’t forget that We Needi Graffiti 2012 will be at SCYAP until September 29th! Support your local artists & check it out!

PPS, Planet S’ “Best Of” Poll closes on September 24th & I’d appreciate a vote for “Best Local Website or Blog” in if you’re voting!

9.14.2012 |

areyoulistening89 reblogged your photoset: fun. performs in Saskatoon on Friday night (post…

You and I must have been pretty close, because I had pretty much the same angles…the…

I recognize you! I was The Format fan next to you!

9.1.2012 |

staussi replied to your photoset: Hey Saskatoon, what’s with all of the red ribbons…

it’s part of the Finding City exhibit at the Gordon Snelgrove :)

Thank you! <3 I’m so glad someone knew & answered! 

7.28.2012 |

vagcat replied to your photo: Bags of invitations. 


Thank you! ♥

5.29.2012 |